Sunday, September 26, 2004

Obey me!

That's what the t-shirt I'm currently wearing says. The reaction I get is kind of funny. I volunteered at life long aids alliance's aidswalk 2004. I was a course monitor which meant basically I stood by and watched all the walkers and kept them going the right direction. Since I was pretty much at the end all I really did was greet them and cheer them which I found to be totally fun!

I was trying to wash dishes today and the fucking sink was not draining so I had to field trip to buy some Draino. Two things about this field trip... 1 - Fucking Madison closes at some ridiculously early hour which means that my walk up there was a total waste of time. 2 - There is this beautiful antique firehouse that has been rebuilt into condos. There was a for sale sign in front of the building. Out of idle curiosity, I looked at the little flier. $516,000! This was a 1 bedroom condo. Not a palace. Although, from what I can see of the condos they look like palaces, high ceilings, courtyard, and apparently 2 parking spaces each (although I don't honestly know where). There's another building, modern and high risey that has condos for only like 180k. sheesh.


Putnawa said...

I've decided not to hate you for volunteering at the walk Sunday. I still hate them, but I won't hold it against you.

On the other hand, you've struck one of my pet peeves. The proper spelling is Lifelong AIDS Alliance. I'm not so concerned with Lifelong, but AIDS is an acronym and, unless you're moving to the UK where they do things differently, it should be typed/written in caps.

Joanne said...

Blahblahblah... Just for that MattyP I'm lowercasing the whole thing.