Saturday, September 25, 2004

Home buyer seminar

So I attended a home buyer seminar today. It was actually really interesting. I learned a lot on how to pick an agent and about the lender and the GFE (good faith estimate). I also learned that for the amount I can pay currently in mortgage, I'm screwed. :) I won't be able to live here. I have to hope for more $$ in a job and then I can afford to buy here downtown. Or out of town but buy a car, I don't really want to have to commute though. Plus there's the home buying expenses you don't think of, like a refridgerator. But then again, I knew that I wouldn't really be thinking of buying right now it was more for information. I have about 11 months left on my new lease. Maybe by the spring my boss will finally cave and quit and I can have her job and her money and afford higher mortgage payments.

I got home and of course there was nothing for me to eat at the seminar so I was STARVING. I got some tacos from my favorite taco place and ate. Then I took a longass nap. I was so freakin tired.

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