Thursday, February 10, 2005

2 Down 2 to go...

I had interview with biggest boss this afternoon. I don't know how it went. He wants someone with more comfort speaking in front of the big bosses... Someone with more formal polish. Something I could become but am not quite there yet. Confidence I suppose is what he is looking for. A sense I don't quite have yet. I realized this evening that I used to have it - with regards to work at least. I never really thought about it, but that 9 months of unemployment where I couldn't even get McDonald's to hire me (ok, I never applied there) really affected me. And I don't know how to get it back. So all of his concerns are all the stuff I secretly fear. Failing at this job.

I just saw a commercial for Finding Neverland. I think the family of PL Travers should totally sue Michael Jackson for besmirching PL's creation.

I could totally spoil The Apprentice for Matty, but because I'm feeling nice, I won't. :)

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Putnawa said...

Dude, you should update this post to reflect that I watched The Apprentice "with" you and you couldn't spoil it.

Interactive TV is fun!!