Friday, February 11, 2005

Done done done!

I have finished the last of the interviews. Who knows what will happen now. The payroll manager's interview amused me. She had 13 questions she wrote. We went to a conference room. It was very official. Yet at the same time felt somewhat silly to be that official. I don't know that I convinced the one person I needed to convince the most, biggest boss. But I've gone through the process, I've made my desire known, and I've done all I can.

Tonight it is off to see Hide & Seek with V. This may be too intense/scary for me. I'm not a big fan of scary movies, but it did look interesting.

Matty P & I did have interactive TV while watching The Apprentice last night. It is fun IMing while watching a show. Michelle & I do it frequently.


Stephen said...

Have you found the batteries for your remote control yet? :)

So can you sleep well tonight? More importantly, can you throw a dart without trying to aim for someone's head in frustration?

Kate the Peon said...

Stephen, shame on you. You can NEVER throw a dart without trying to aim for someone's head in frustration.

Putnawa said...

Kate's right! Even when I'm concentrating with all my might in a vain attempt to defeat Joanne, I can't help but feel a small part of my mind calling out, "Throw it at that chucklechops' head!!"

It's quite distracting. Less so when I don't actually toss the dart at the chucklechops, though.