Monday, February 07, 2005

A poll...

You're in a bar, playing darts with your dart buddy when a random person joins you. You, being the ultra nice person that you are, allow him to join. During the 1 game of 301 you play, you realize that guy is actually weirdish and you really hope he wanders off so you don't have to be social to him anymore. The game ends, with dart buddy winning and random guy making the 'I have to go to the bathroom' excuse and he wanders off. Only, he really doesn't go to the bathroom he just wanders off and doesn't make an effort to hide the fact that he just wandered off. Are you:

A - Just thrilled you don't have to make weird small talk with a guy who was difficult to talk to and really none of you bothered to exchange names even.
B - Testy because he made such a lame ass excuse and didn't even try to hide the fact that he was wandering off to find folks more interesting.
C - Secretly plotting his demise including all the cutting remarks you will make the next time you see him.
D - Already stalking him. He will be yours, oh yes, he will be yours.

Other than that, darts was well... darts. We only played for an hour. Usually we play up on the 3rd floor where it is quieter and less crowded by the dart boards since there are only 2, but I believe they aren't opening the 3rd floor on Mondays anymore. Who can blame them since MP & I were usually the only ones up there. I was home in time to watch 7th Heaven. It is so wrong that I watch, yet somehow I can't stop. I may need a 12 step group for it. I did laugh the entire episode, though. And I learned yet again that the menfolk are always right and womenfolk are always wrong.


Stephen said...

(D) would be your call.
But I would pick (A)

Why do you care actually? Was he wierd but packing sexy cheeks (the ones on the face)?

More importantly, why not just make conversation with him? You can always say "well have a nice night, I'm going home now" :)

I guess I'm just a conversationalist. Last time I went to R-Place, I made conversation with so many complete freaks, that by the end, I had almost forgotten what normal was...

Err wait, I think I just torpedo'd my own argument :)








manly :)

Kate the Peon said...

See, I would choose B.

Putnawa said...

That's because b) is the correct answer. (Although not the way Joanne worded it.)

I was glad he had wandered off because he wasn't interesting. I was intentionally not interesting in the hope that he would be forced to leave to find someone who was.

But proper etiquette dictates that your leave-taking not involve a blatant lie. Proper leave-taking in this instance would've included:
1) Thanks for the game. Good-bye.
2) Thanks for the game. You guys are good. Good-bye.
3) I think I see my friend. Good-bye.
4) I don't think you guys like me very much. Good-bye.
5) You people are boring. Good-bye.
6) I have nothing of interest about which to speak. Good-bye.
7) It's because I'm black, isn't it?! Good-bye!
8) Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

Oh, and not manly.

Peeved Michelle said...

Don't be such babies. I pick A. Who the hell cares what some freak thinks?

Putnawa said...

ARGH! No one cares what the freak thinks! Just don't lie. It's not hard. It's easy. Say "good-bye", and leave.