Sunday, February 20, 2005


Matty P & I headed to the Woodland Park Zoo today. We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day. It was chilly, but sunny. For some odd reason I like going to the zoo. I like to walk around. I like to see the animals we wouldn't ordinarily get to see. I'm on the fence about seeing children (ok I like the nice, cute normal ones; I don't like the loud, fighting, injuring the brother type), and I'm pretty sure I don't like most of the parents, but that's the price I pay when I go to a place that caters to families. :) We saw a lot of the gays this trip, which is surprising... a lot of the gays sans children, just random gays. A lot of the animals are/were behind glass so that's much harder to photograph them. The flash reflects on the glass, so a lot of my pics are of the birds which were not behind glass. We went into the Daytime/Night exhibition and a woman nearly lost her cell phone when she actually answered a call in the night exhibit. Two things to know about the night exhibit: 1 - It is narrowish corridor that is mostly dark and somewhat crowded. They even have a red light/green light in the turnstile because too many people end up in there. 2 - there are signs EVERYWHERE about no talking and being quiet. The woman in question. Answered her fucking cell phone when it rang. Answered her cell phone and sat down on a ledge so her legs are in the way. Answered her cell phone, sat down and proceeded to have a loud conversation. MP & I fled because that was so inexplicably inappropriate MP was actually considering grabbing her cell phone and throwing it into the penguin tank. Speaking of the penguin...

Here (s)he is! Growing up, I loved penguins. I still have quite a few penguins collected from family and friends. I was a little sad to see this little guy all alone. The last time I was there I didn't see more than one. I'm wondering if (s)he is the only one.

On the northwest trail there was an exhibit of eagles. They are really amazing looking.

Swans are not nice birds. They are pretty, but mean as hell. I think this one was trying to intimidate me with his Guatamaleness. You know, or just stretching out. :)

I had only ever seen the hippos in the water. It was kind of interesting to see them on land peeking out from behind the grass.

Matty P's 8 of hearts. There's a whole story... but Matty hates this card. It makes me laugh. After the zoo we went to Starbucks and spent like 2 hours playing cards and chatting. Good times, good times.

Peacocks are like the gay men of the animal world (tm MP). They're bright and flashy and noisy and kind of useless. The girls are drab and not quite as cute. They're probably fatter too since most gay men that I've seen are an alarming size 0. (How can anyone be a size 0? Zero represents nothing. How can someone be size nothing?)

The 8 of hearts hanging out on the farm. He was proud of his ability to milk a cow.


Peeved Michelle said...

I'm a little jealous even though I don't like zoos. If I send you the Lil' Bratz doll of me, will you take it with you on your adventures?

Stephen said...

Yesterday's weather was simply divine. The wind was a little too brisk, but few if any clouds.

Where are the pics of bird poo?

Mishka said...

I am not a big zoo fan either but Woodland Park Zoo would be one of my least it feels less like caged animals....

Cool pics, for sure.

Putnawa said...
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Putnawa said...

Hmm...I think they can be size 0 because nothing substantial exits their pieholes.

I'm also for bringing Lil' Bratz Michelle on adventures. Not as interesting or as lippy as the real PM, but it'll work. :P

Apparently the bird poo was on my shoe. Not manly. No pics, either. Next time.

And that woman seriously almost lost her cellphone. (Although I would never pollute the penguin enclosure with a cell phone.) It's becoming more difficult for me to refrain from confronting strangers' inconsiderate behavior. Like the brothers that were maybe-faux-wrestling. No parents in sight, so I almost took matters into my own hands.

Maybe it's a crusade.