Friday, February 18, 2005

8th Circle

Despite the fact that the Dante's inferno quiz has assured me that I do not belong in any circle beyond the 1st circle... virtuous non-believers, I seem to have found myself in the 8th circle of hell. What qualifies it as the 8th circle you may be wondering... This question. "So did you hear, did you get the job?" Followed by the inevitible "oh" of pity when I say no, they want to go with someone else. Someone they can't find but someone else. This actually may be worse than when my boss was pregnant and everyone asked me if the baby had arrived yet. Or when she was due back from maternity leave and everyone kept asking me when she was due back. Because I can handle not getting the job, but it is ever so much* harder with the 'oh' of pity and or arm/hand pat of pseudocomfort from coworkers.

On that same note, we interviewed candidate #7 (I think) today. She was nice enough, but I don't know about her benefits knowledge. Of course since my skills in that arena are strong, I'm not too concerned, but I wasn't that fond of having to tell little boss stuff that she should know. I will be less fond of telling new boss hired over me shit she should know. Plus I wasn't sure of her age, but if she is younger than me I may go postal. I can survive prison. I'm tough. (or something like that).

*I've really developed an affinity for the phrase "ever so much." I think it is from a book I recently read, or maybe a movie. I want to say like Anne of Green Gables or Little Women or something. Definitely girlie.


Peeved Michelle said...

If they hire someone younger than you, that would totally suck especially with your big boss spouting all that stuff about experience.

Stephen said...

I was punted into the 6th circle of hell.

Heretics and all.

Burn hollywood burn

Cindy-Lou said...

And you have to say it in that condescending high pitched voice too. Like Maria in the Sound of Music.

Kate the Peon said...

The first level? Really???

I was the 7th level. I'm so a heathen.