Monday, February 07, 2005

What? No privacy?!

One thing I forgot to mention about my field trip to Pike Place Market (happy MP?) was that I stopped at the bathroom before I left. Now that in itself is not that exciting, and probably more info than you needed. The pertinent part of this is the fact that the stall doors in the PPM bathrooms are ridiculously tiny. At my average 5'7" (and Michelle will dispute that and say the average woman is 5'4") height I could easily see over and into any stall if I so chose because the doors were so tiny. I think the top of the door came up to about my breast height. Now I realize these are public bathrooms in a not so fabu area, (Above the enterance to each it says in very strong words WOMEN ONLY and MEN ONLY) and I guess the staff has to have a way to ensure we aren't doing anything in there we shouldn't be, but seriously... it was a bit too much. The only thing slightly more traumatizing to my sense of public bathroom privacy was the day I was in the women's bathroom at the now defunct Cap Hill gay bar Blu and Mark "Mom" came in in full drag and was standing in the next stall and thanks to his drag queen heels he could totally see over if he felt so inclined. Luckily he didn't.


Putnawa said...

The image of Mark Finley hitching up his skirt to take a piss in the women's room is priceless. Nauseating, but priceless.

Peeved Michelle said...

I KNEW Matty was a tranny.

Stephen said...

The one below the bakery or down the ramp from the flower tables? When did they add doors?

You can always walk down the street to one of those _fine_ adult dancing establishments. I'm sure they're perfectly clean [floors, walls, ceilings, glass windows]. Although I'd be taking friends' words for it [both sexes]. Entirely possible that you'd do better back in the Market alley.
If they don't stop trying to clean up 1st Avenue, we're gonna end up with Westlake Center all over again.

Joanne said...

The one down some stairs behind I think the fish throwers. Girls ALWAYS have doors on the stalls... it is just a matter of how useful they are. Girls aren't completely gross. Although if you meant the outer doors, there are none there.

Stephen said...

Yeah - that one is grosser than the other :) It's under a bakery, too.
There are no doors on the men's stalls. There has never been outer doors.

Fish smell probably overwhelms the vomit, urine, and heroine stench.

Putnawa said...

There were mini stall doors there the last time I was in. Thankfully, I used the urinal.