Friday, February 11, 2005

Group health averted...

So earlier this week I discovered I'm almost out of my pills. This is a problem as those little dears are the only thing that keep my skin clear from the itching, burning, terrible little blisters that plague me because no matter how hard I try, I am not consuming a 100% gluten free diet. At one point pre-diagnosis, I was in bed crying because they itched and burned so bad that I thought about holding a hot curling iron on them to destroy them and then they wouldn't itch. Yeah sometimes you don't think straight at 3 AM. Anyway, I didn't and ever since I went on the Dapsone I've been mostly break out free.

All of this is leading up to what's probably only a fascinating story to me but it is a story of good triumphing over evil and we all need that, right? I called up Group Health (my new medical provider) to find out how to switch my mail order prescription to them and was told that they would only give me 1 month as a courtesy and I would have to come in. I was hoping to avoid that until at least June, when the current prescription runs out. So this morning I notice I have 4 days left... fuck fuck fuck. And I call up my current mail order people. Firstly it was 6 AM, they opened at 6 and I was already on hold? Seriously that's weird. I call them up and say can I just pay for the 3 months without doing the insurance route. The woman said 'yes, but it could be very expensive' and I said 'no, these drugs are cheap.' And she was all patronizing and said 'they were cheap because you had insurance.' And I said 'no, I used to pay before I had insurance and I know the drugs are cheap.' So she did the math and discovered that I would only have to pay $33.00 for 3 months. Just for the record... I was paying a $28.00 copay for the 3 months. I can cope with the $5 extra bucks if it means putting off a visit to the doctor. Seriously. Yay... Joanne triumphed over the great health insurance practitioners.

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Stephen said...

Wow! That's some suck-ass copay :)

I agree - $5 to avoid beauracracy is well worth it in most cases.

6am hold is pretty bad too. Maybe the company outsourced their phone bank to AT&T Wireless' phone support lines. 45 minute hold times and they usually don't fix things anyway! :)