Sunday, February 20, 2005


When I was a girl growing up in Arizona there was a zoo commercial for the Reid Park Zoo. It is presently running through my head because I'm going to the zoo. :) Yeah, I get excited about silly things. Wanna make something of it? I ain't scared of you.

Dad's taking us to the zoo tomorrow
We can stay all day.
We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo
How about you? you? you?
We're going to the zoo. Zoo. Zoo.
Dad's taking us to the zoo tomorrow.
We can stay all day.


Stephen said...

Woodland Park?

Kewl :)

I was there on Christmas Day and the tiger cubs were berry cute. Elephants were in playful moods, too.

Larry_the_Duck said...

Hello Hello ...

Our wonderful Grandson loves Reid Park Zoo ... When we visit we love it too!

A trip to the zoo,
Is such an inviting chance,
To mingle with the inquisitive,
Animals of the world.
For whoever is superior,
Seems strikingly inferior,
To whoever it is thinking,
On the opposite side.

Byuh Bye -