Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I Rule!

I've been saying this a lot lately but here's the reason I rule right now... Who is the best Brownie leader? We had a great meeting tonight. The 2 that are the loudest and drive me the most crazy were not there so that automatically makes it a good meeting. But the real reason I rule, we made shrinky dink Valentine necklaces. They were so very excited about the shrinky dinks once they saw them in action. I gave each girl a half sheet of the shrinky dink paper and I had printed out some basic Valentine's Day pictures. I cut them out so that the girls could trace them and color them. Then we cut our our hearts and punched holes in them and then... shrinky dink magic! I also had links to put through the hole so they could thread them onto pretty girlie ribbon. It was very cool.

Here's the one I made. And I HATE Valentine's Day. :)

In other exciting news... My recent order from Kinnikinnick foods came in. I have donuts! I love donuts.


Peeved Michelle said...

I know it's been a dry spell, but that is no reason to cut out your heart and punch holes in it.

Kate the Peon said...

That necklace rules. I would be excited for that if I were a Brownie and got to make those.

Stephen said...

Lol - Michelle!

If that flat piece of pastel plastic is out of her chest, imagine what would come out of her head!

Joanne said...

Butterflies & dust would come out of my head. Butterflies & dust. Although that little plastic heart is how you know I'm the grinch. Maybe someday it will grow 3 sizes too large.