Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Longest day evah!

Ok, I’ve tried this post twice and twice as I have highlighted it, it disappeared from blogger. I could cry over this. One other thought, I am not doing a post tonight just because I’ve been prompted by KTP. I started 3 posts last night, but just didn’t like what I was saying or where they were going. I have been feeling a bit grumpy lately almost to the point where I don’t want to be around me. I don’t feel like subjecting everyone else to that too. On to the post…

Today started out at 8:20 when I got to work. I am supposed to get there at 8:00, but on mornings when I don’t go to the gym, I tend to sit and watch The Pretender and I get sucked into the story so I don’t leave until 8:00. Sad I know. I sat and read my emails (personal) and caught up on blog reading. Little boss came in. Today was her last day so she had some shit to show me. At 10:00 I had to get ready for orientation. 10:30 – 11:30, I had to do orientation. At 11:45, we had interview with candidate #4 (more on her in a minute). She didn’t get out of biggest boss’s office until noon. Noon – 12:45 we interviewed. 1 – 2 I took my lunch hour. I’m hourly so I have to take it. I ran to QFC to get stuff for Brownie meeting. 2 – 3:15ish I did work (or read The Apprentice recap on TWOP… ok actually a little of both). 3:15ish little boss’s going away party. I had to stand around and make small talk. I loathe small talk. 4:50 I realize I’ve got to leave to get flexcar to pick up Brownie. I head back down to office. Am locked out of office (I had anticipated walking back down the hill with a coworker with keys so I left my keys in the main office). Wait for public safety to let me in. Go to pick up Brownie. She wasn’t there. Dad was confused about days. Return to office and have Brownie meeting. We mixed skim milk with lemon juice. It was an interesting experiment. Does anyone know why mixing that acid with that base made the chunky results? Brownie book doesn’t really explain the why’s that well. Went and got take out for dinner and headed home.

Little boss & I were talking today and she was excited that I could get the job. I told her I was no longer keeping my hopes up. She seemed a little surprised by that. I think I will miss little boss a bit. I know she peeved me, but she wasn’t a terrible boss and I get lonely sitting up there all by myself. Who knows, next boss could be worse.

Candidate #4 said all decent answers. There was nothing in her behavior or answers that really raised red flags. But there was something about her.. I can’t put my finger on it. I have looked at this thought honestly, trying to decide if it is just because I want the job so I want to not like her, but I don’t think that’s it. There’s just something… I talked to coworker and she agreed so it isn’t apparently just me. Michelle & I were talking about this earlier and she said I should go with my gut feeling. Which I almost always do and it has never let me down. Kate would argue that it has never let me down because I don’t get to know people my gut feeling tells me not to know so how would I know if they were untrustworthy or whatever. Good point, but I’m still a big follower of gut instinct. We have candidate #5 interview tomorrow.

Finally, the big bad boss on the movie The Crow is seriously sexy. I could die listening to his voice. My feet ache from standing on them too long in crappy shoes and this chicken teriyaki isn’t as tasty as I wanted it to be.


Stephen said...

Minus 100 pts for his smoker's voice.

Peeved Michelle said...

I don't buy Kate's argument. I have had that feeling about several people whom I have had to get to know because I worked with them. The gut feeling is always right.

Kate the Peon said...


My reminder was cuz I missed your posts. Not trying to be a nag or a pain, just that you're a regular I check on and the disappointment was getting to me.

And on that note, that's as humble as you'll ever see me.

Hope today's a better day.