Saturday, February 12, 2005

Adventures in mass transit

So to get my pizza crust mix and Bax's treats I headed out this morning on the 41 to go to the Lake City Fred Meyer. Sitting on some seats ahead of me were 3 guys and what I thought was a homeless guy. They were pretty cute guys. Right as the bus pulled up to the transit station the homeless guy stood up. One would assume to get ready to get off the bus. Well, one would be only 1/2 right. While waiting for the bus to stop... he starts peeing. His pants. On the bus. Just standing there. What do you say when you see that... really? Hey this isn't a bathroom?! Get to FM, buy my pizza crust mix in record time. Catch the 72 to go to the pet store for Bax and fall as I walk down the bus aisle. Apparently my Converse have negative traction. Get off in the U district and have no idea where the Petco is. None. Finally I remember that the stop I am supposed to catch the bus home is at 45th & 7th so I walk in that direction (after wandering in circles for a while). Buy 7 boxes of Baxter treats so I don't have to go again for awhile. Refrain from buying a new ferret even though they are ever so cute and I'm sure Bax would love a new playmate (or maybe she wouldn't, she's kind of bitchy). Walk to catch the 44 and 3 homeless people start having a very loud argument near me. So I decided that wasn't really where I wanted to hang out and caught a different bus home. Now I'm starving and exhausted and thinking a nap is just what the doctor ordered.


Putnawa said...

It should be clear to you why I so studiously avoid bus-riding. *shudder*

Am I the only one who knows about your pizza mix? That's silly.

Stephen said...

Mass transit rools.

I so love reading tales like this. It's amazing how a simple trip on the cheap (greyhound, metro, subway, etc.) can be so interesting - when at the time most things seem trivial.

Thanks for the great read!

Peeved Michelle said...

Poor homeless guy. I'm sad for him.