Saturday, February 26, 2005

I feel..

So blargh this evening. I don't really know why. It isn't that today was a bad day. I got several things done that I wanted to do. I purchased some fabric and beans to make bean bags for Brownies for some future meeting night. I actually need to do that soon otherwise I'll lose my drive to do them. We need them for our Girl Sports badge. I hit the grocery store. I saw Matty P randomly on the street corner and firmed up our plans for tomorrow. I bought Daffodils and trimmed them and put them in an empty spaghetti jar. Something about daffodils requires a more simplistic, old fashioned vase type thing than something new and precision cut. I love daffodils so that's good too. I took out a whole bunch of recycling that needed to get out of my apartment. I took the bax for a walk. I think it was talking to Moral Turpitude. He is still getting over his relationship woes and has an uncanny ability to bring me down because he is so depressed about being single again blah blah blah. Maybe working with happy pink & blue fabric will bring me back up out of my doldrums. Ooh... working with happy pink & blue fabric and watching the movie The Crow. I like watching things get destroyed when I'm not in a good mood.

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Peeved Michelle said...

Gah! Quit talking to Moral Turpitude. He is bad for the soul.