Saturday, February 12, 2005

Happy Saturday Morning!

And a beautiful one it is! It is all cool and foggy outside. It was like that yesterday on my way to work. I like it like that. I had a lot of vivid dreams last night about ferrets and Pike Place Market and lesbians protesting (like with picket signs not like saying they are mad). It all made sense while I was sleeping, but now in the light of day it is a jumbled mess. I think Bax & I are going to return my library books today and sometime today I want to go to Fred Meyer and a pet store to try to find Bax's favorite treats. I'm hoping to pick up some of my favorite pizza mix which for some reason QFC does not carry. I think this week at work will be a pizza week. Yay. It doesn't take too much to make me happy. I'm simple like that.

Movie didn't happen last night. V & Steve went out to the bar instead. I'm only slightly surprised, but totally shouldn't have been at all.

Have yourself a happy Saturday! Two more days until all the damn Valentine's Day commercials are off my TV for another 300 or so days. Yay to that too!


Cindy-Lou said...


Peeved Michelle said...

Pizza sauce mix? And if it is going to be a pizza week, you better pick up some Pepcid, too.

Stephen said...

What kind of pizza mix?

Have you tried mixing your own with paste and romas?

Cheery day to you!