Thursday, February 24, 2005

The job... the final chapter

They are hiring the 3 day a week woman. Once she is settled in they will restructure my position so I can get more challenges and responsibility and all that jazz. I can get rid of some of my tasks that are more mundane/menial. This may work out well. I have high hopes. Is this really what I want to be when I grow up? Probably not. Am I cutting myself off from other projects/ideas. No. One of the things MP & I have been talking about career path wise is what do I really like/want to do. I really like/want to do one of 2 things (I think and here's where I get nervous because I THOUGHT I wanted to be a teacher and we all know how well that turned out... Ok I know how well that turned out, the rest of you don't but just know there were a lot of tears involved... whoo complete tangent). I think that I could/would like to be a librarian. I know I joke about it, but I think that would interest me and keep me challenged. Otherwise I've thought about working in a museum in an educational capacity. More like a children's museum though than like the SAM. There's a job opening at UW that I'm considering applying for because they have a masters program for library work. It can't hurt to apply there. But I think at this point, I'm not going to do a mad dash job search. They are doing this whole restructure thing for me... so (and I KNOW I shouldn't feel this way, but I do) I feel somewhat obligated to them now. If my job gets restructured enough (and I get $$ from that) I can scrape together the cash to go to grad school on my own perhaps. I'm also thinking of volunteering either in a museum or library or both to see if this is something I can see me doing (not that they let you DO anything really as a volunteer but it would give me exposure to that kind of environment) but I used to work in the school library in college. I both loved and hated that job. :) I loved the looking for things and researching things. I hated the mundaneness of shelf reading (barf) and linking - I would go get a truck of books. Bring them downstairs and check to make sure their barcodes all matched up to what was in the computer. That sucked almost all my will to live right out of my body.


Putnawa said...

Since we're both thinking about getting our MLIS and considering library work, maybe we should set up a meeting with the City Librarian.

Putnawa said...

Oh, and if you decide to do the degree program on your own, the program I am looking at is relatively inexpensive. I don't think it's the best MLIS program ever, but a little determination and hard work can always make up for that.

Not much sense in going to the Harvard of LIS schools, really. But maybe that's just my thinking that helps me justify my UAF degree. Whatever.

Stephen said...

Dewey dec sys rocks!

Can you get the Dewey dog mascot upgraded though? Like "Cool Dog" in the Simpsons. He needs some snazzy shades and a skateboard or snowboard while he is frontin' loud talkers.

Peeved Michelle said...

I really liked working at the museum in college. I thought I had more to say about it, but it turns out I don't.