Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Somewhere rattling around in my apartment is the book 14,000 Things To Be Happy About. I bought it in college and periodically like to open it to some random page and see what's on it to be happy about today. I believe on some level (folks with chemical imbalances notwithstanding) you can will yourself to be happy which is why I try to look for the joy in life. And yeah, I get down like everybody, don't get me wrong I'm not 100% delusional. This whole job thing had me thrown for a loop for quite a while. Interestingly enough (or not), Moral Turpitude guy has been reading this self-help book about how to be happy and keeps giving me all these tips. About 75% of them have been stuff I've been telling him for the last month and a half or so... Anyway the purpose of this post... little things that have made me happy lately (or little things that make me happy in general).

1 - Flowers. Tulips, Freesia and Sweet Peas specifically, but flowers in general.
2 - Spring. The daffodils are coming up right now which goes back to flowers.
3 - Boneless skinless chicken breasts on sale for 50% off. That was a great surprise at the grocery store the other day.
4 - My Disney Magazine which came in the mail last night and which I have already read most of. And yes I am that big a Disney geek that not only do I get the magazine, but I pay for it... it was not a gift.
5 - My cute tennis shoes.
6 - Snow... snow falling actually and I love the air just before the snow falls. It is so cold and there is a distinct smell and taste in the air. Nothing else like it!
7 - Wrestling with Baxter. Her tail gets all poofy because she's excited and sometimes she even chitters at me. And then she proceeds to bite the shit out of my hand. :)
8 - My brownies when we're doing something utterly cool and they are just so fascinated.
9 - Chocolate (how could this not be on the list?) - especially dark chocolate.
10 - New random commenters - even better though, random commenters who become regular readers. :P
11 - The discovery of tension shower rods because now I can put up the curtains I have for my 'closet doors' and across the doorway of my kitchen. (Long story short, I had the other kind but didn't want to screw them into the wall so I was using adhesive that wasn't holding).
12 - And of course, all the cool people I know and talk to and hang out with on a regular basis. Including the damn gays. :)

Yeah, it is spring and Valentine's Day is over and I'm sappy, why do you ask? :)

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Stephen said...

I love cheeseposts like this!

And I completely agree with "I believe on some level you can will yourself to be happy".

It's really interesting how much effort it takes to poop all over yourself [read: your mood].

It's a lot easier to just go with the flow, smile, and remember each day is a new experience, a more mature experience [your brain never stops changing], and filled with possibilities.

Sure - it sounds utterly cheddar-esque, but would you rather fake a smile or a frown?
At least with a smile, there's a good chance of brightening the room!