Friday, February 04, 2005

Basketball recap

Matty P & I went to basketball tonight. While we were walking home, I learned of the marriage of my biggest love and my biggest fear giving me my biggest conundrum. The lesbian bar Matty P works at is going to start having a taco night. Now, regular readers will know of my unholy love of Tacos. I eat them on a fairly regular basis. At least 2 taco places know my regular order as I walk up to the counter. Regular readers also know of my fear of lesbians in bars. Not of lesbians in general, but lesbians in bars. It has been my experience, thus far, that lesbians in bars are not so good at taking ‘no’ for an answer. Matty P said he would go but he would not be my protective penis. Worse, he’ll give out my email. At least he isn’t so evil that he would give out my number.

We went to dinner at Broadway Grill before we went to the UAF vs my employer’s basketball game. I need to not eat there for dinner. Or if I do I need to stick to just a hamburger or something. Both times I have had dinner there, I’ve had issues. The first time, I ordered something off the menu, and there was nothing on that item that indicated it would be swimming in gravy. It was swimming in gravy. Tonight I ordered the jerk chicken which was supposed to be on a bed of mashed potatoes. Now I should’ve noticed that on the rest of the menu when it discussed mashed potatoes there was the descriptor “Our Yukon Gold blah blah blah” and this descriptor didn’t have that. But when one thinks of mashed potatoes do they ever think of mashed sweet potatoes? Well, that’s what I got… mashed sweet potatoes. They were not yummy and reminded me a bit of baby food. Their breakfast buffet is pretty good, but I don’t think I’m trying them for anything other than the tried & true hamburger & fries.

We headed over to my work to watch the basketball game. It was a dissatisfying game. We ended up leaving early. The most offensive thing to me, the UAF Nanooks women’s basketball team had the words “Nanooks” written on their asses. As it is I hate words on asses, but I find it particularly troubling to see it on the basketball team’s asses. Even worse, it isn’t printed on the men’s team’s asses. They are getting a nasty email from me. I may have to shake my fist at them.

Now that I went to UAF’s site to figure out who to email, I discovered that the 3 UAF hockey coaches used to be players when I went to school there. One of my friends had a huge crush on one of them. To see him now, he is not hot. He was hot back then, but now… age hasn’t been kind to him.


Stephen said...

Funny that. I went to the Broadway Grill with a friend tonight, also.

Of course, I go there once a week anyway, so no surprise on my end ;)

I had the jerk chicken about 10 years ago and it wasn't bad, but don't know anymore. Me likes the spice. I usually order the squash ravioli or the greek salad, but I'm veggie...
When I want breakfast, it's Minnie's [in Belltown] or Julia's [in Wallingford].

btw - I love the bathrooms at the Grill - they have pretty pictures on the walls :)

Drunk lesbians tend not to understand 'no' from either sex ;) They just have that much more love to share.

Peeved Michelle said...

I didn't think you were willing to taste that kind of taco.