Thursday, February 10, 2005

Stephen's questions...

The answers to Stephen's Questions are:

1 - I have no cats, however if you were to ask me how many Hummel figurines I have that information is strictly confidential.
2 - I don't watch Lifetime (television for women and gay men) so much as I LIVE Lifetime. It IS the best network on TV you know.
3 - I don't buy batteries at Costco. I have rechargeables.


Stephen said...

1) I have zero Hummel figurines.
HOWEVER - I do have a wall of Dumbo stuffed animals, Donald Ducks, pastel coloured baby animals, and oh yeah... a living room wall to wall with LEGO :)

2) I live the Christian Broadcasting Network... well at least the part where I burn in hell and wear too much makeup and jewelry.

3) But when you are running low on recharged batteries, do you take the ones of your remote control or your... ???? :)

Stephen said...

Since the link to post comments on your "3 to go" is broken for me, I'll just spam here:

Congrats on passing phase 1 of the master plan for world domination. Your certificate is in the mail, xerox-signed by the vice president of human resources.

I don't know about your dress. But if see green slime oozing out from underneath the collar, call the Ghostbusters. You may, in fact, be the gatekeeper (what with your rechargable batteries, striped dress, and glowing refrigerator).

Manly is as manly does :)