Sunday, February 06, 2005

Cheers Queers!

I've been watching the Queer Eye marathon and apparently I'm the biggest cryer ever. I've bawled through 2 of the 3 episodes I've watched thus far. Luckily the next epi is one I've already seen so I'm going to switch the channel and not cry anymore today. (Hopefully) This military guy wedding episode is making me bawl repeatedly. He and his wife were married in Colombia, but for some reason it doesn't count here in the US. He is going to be shipped out very soon for a year and a half. The gay boys redid the apartment totally and have provided all sorts of things for the family like groceries for a year and new clothes for he baby. They also did a crate care package for the guy with things like undies, tennis shoes and other things for him while he is over in Iraq. The other that made me cry was a proposal at the Jets game. It was so totally sweet and he looked so hot after the makeover. Coworker was totally right about me. She said when she first met me she thought I was mean and jaded, but really I'm just a girlie girl. Damn. All that work creating a persona down the drain.

This morning I went to the Pikes Place Market and joined folks from a group called Meet In. It is like organized playdates for grown-ups. I decided earlier this year that I need straight friends. I love the gays, but once in awhile it would be nice to have real girls to do stuff with. I can't remember where I heard about Meet In, but it wasn't as bad as I worried in my head it would be. I met 2 people and we wandered around the market just chatting and had lunch. It was nice. The group does all sorts of different activities so now that I've broken the ice, I may join in other activities.

Right now I have stew boiling on the stove. It smells so yummy. I can't wait to dig into it. It is the perfect dinner for a cold rainy day like today has been.

Matty, I am well aware I have misspelled crier but it is for stylistic purposes so get over it. :)


Kate the Peon said...

Meet In sounds like a neat idea. Good for you for taking the plunge. They have a 'Bitterness Bash' in Chi-town that sounds up my alley, except for the fact that I can't find my way around the city.

Stephen said...

What was in the stew? I've never made a stew although I have the crock-pot sitting in the cupboard. I've been dying to make a veggie stew.

Bwuahaha... I just read someone else's post about Queer as Folk and I read and reread your blog thinking you were crying over QaF - and a wedding episode. I didn't get it until just now :)

btw - if you are looking for straight friends, then may I suggest the last few pages of The Stranger. I believe the section is called "Escorts" and the people look really classy and have "open" hearts. Turns "playdate" into a whole new dynamic :)

I need to stop adding smilies to every sentence - it makes me look like a babbling, grinning, drooling(???) buffoon. But still manly.


Putnawa said...

No, Stephen, not manly at all.

Joanne, I don't care about you misspelling crier. I'm sensitive to the necessities of artistic license.

However, I'm concerned that you've lived in Seattle for as long as you have an still don't know the proper name of my favorite landmark: Pike Place Market. Please note that we do not have plural nor possessive pikes at our sanitary public market.

And while I also commend you on taking the plunge and interacting with "the straights", I'm concerned about this MeetIn business. I may accompany you on one of these trips to ensure that your description of this group that you provided on Thursday (which remains secretly in my notebook) is not accurate. If in fact it is accurate, be forewarned that I will be undertaking an intervention.

You see, I still have hope for you. Personally I may never have sex again. But that's because I loathe approximately 6,415,994,280 people. And that's probably a low estimate. But you seem to still like people, but spend far too much time with "the gays" (myself included).

Also, I'm a bit worried about any Seattle group that only turns out three people on a rainy day. Sounds like they could be a group of "outsiders".