Friday, February 11, 2005

Well it is official

I didn't get it. After all that, I didn't get it. Sigh. They want someone with more managerial experience. My technical knowledge is all that and a bag of chips, but the other stuff. The upper level stuff is the problem. I'm okay with the answer. I will stick around. We shall see what happens. All in all it seems like there will be some restructuring of my job so that may give me part of what I want anyway... more of a challenge. They will either be hiring the 3/5 day person or this other person we haven't interviewed yet, but she can do employee relations and they apparently need that. I just can't do ER. There's just too much of an opportunity to fuck it up and open ourselves to a lawsuit. Yeah, I'm sad but not as sad as I could've been. I'm still glad I work for a university and not the corporate world and even though I know the environment would allow for much more growth, I'd rather not work for the corporate world again for awhile, if ever. Homestore just screwed me up over that. And while the environment isn't perfect, it is a billion times healthier than either the casino or Homestore. And maybe my new boss will just let me do my job and leave me be. That's what I really like.

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Stephen said...


Sounds like you have a great grasp of what helps you feel satisfied at your job.

Rationalize away, dearie. Good luck with the restructuring!