Monday, January 31, 2005

Home early

Matty P & I ended up coming home early because the bar has been recently painted and the smoke combined with the fumes made it really crappy inside to breathe. We were later than usual going out too because Matty P had to call a couple of clients. While waiting for him, I dozed off on my sofa. When did I turn into my grandmother?? The phone totally scared me. While we were playing up on the 3rd floor, this group of 3 guys asks if we mind if they play next to us. We're nice(ish) folks so say sure. Suddenly there are like 6 of them and they are smoking and mostly standing in the way. That was not so pleasant. Reminder to self: Matty P said we could play the icky bowling dart game in 2006. :)

I was home in time to watch the train wreck that is 7th Heaven. Luckily I had a drink before at the bar so that makes the show more tolerable.

While digging through my arts & crap box looking for scrapbooking stuff for work I found the most fun thing ever! Shrinky Dink paper. We can design our own. I'm tempted to share with the brownies because that would be the nice thing to do, but I am also feeling a little greedy and don't want to share. Plus I only have 5 sheets and there are 8 girls so I would have to cut each in half and find small designs for them to trace. Hmm... what to do what to do? They would love it, LOVE IT. and it has been in the arts & crap box for like 2+ years. I'll have to think on it further. (Who am I kidding, I'm totally going to do this with the brownies, I just have to figure out what to do with it)


Peeved Michelle said...

But then you have to take them home and cook them and bring them back the next time?

Stephen said...

Last time I did shrinkie-dinks was two decades ago and I'm pretty sure it was Rainbow Brite or My Little Pony. Just to reassure myself of my seething manliness, I also did Donald Duck.

Flowers rool.

Putnawa said...

Donald Duck is manly?

Joanne said...

Now they recommend using a toaster oven and we have 2 in the staff lounge so we'll be fine on that end.

the ka. said...

awh the shrinkie-dink! thanks sooo much for the memory jog!! the last time i saw was duran duran and it came out of a bag of ketchup chips....i made my dad help me with it. i think i was like 8, and i thought i was the coolest kid ever!!! you've gotta love the 80's! :)

Peeved Michelle said...

Ketchup chips! Canadians.

Kate the Peon said...


It's Wednesday now.


Stephen said...


It's nearly Thursday, already.