Wednesday, July 20, 2005


BGQ finally did something useful for me. He quit. I stopped in to BGQ's office today and workcrush was there since he is interim-BGQ. So we chatted for a few minutes. I asked him what happened. Did BGQ leave because he wanted to or because they wanted him to. Apparently, according to workcrush, he quit but he didn't know anymore details than that. I told him I wanted to know what I was getting into before I called BGQ to see how he was. Workcrush mentioned they were a little worried about him because BGQ had gone to the doctor then was out for a few days and suddenly quit. We spoke briefly about BGQ's condition... I knew what he got from the doctor, workcrush didn't and I didn't volunteer that info. BUT (and here's where it gets important) I did offer to let workcrush know what I heard from BGQ and how he's doing. Workcrush seemed to be amenable to this. Sigh. He's got such a great smile. :)


Peeved Michelle said...

Let's hope that work crush is really only the interim Big Gay Queen and does not planning on become a Big Gay Queen on a full-time basis.

Putnawa said...

Yes, because if he takes on BGQ full-time I'll loathe him with all the passion I direct towards BGQ now. By the by, karma. That's all I'm going to say.

Joanne said...

I actually mentioned that to workcrush, becoming the BGQ full time and this is not in his career path so he's glad to be off the phones for a little while, but does not want to be the BGQ full time.