Tuesday, July 05, 2005

A sad realization

It's been 10 years since I was in college. Let me emphasize that for you... 10 YEARS! How did this happen? How has this come about? God damn getting old thing. Beats the alternative though I suppose, as my father would say. Edit... A reprieve! Oh joyous reprieve! I thought for some reason this morning it was 2006 not 2005! So then that does make sense because I originally thought next year would be a reunion year and then I was confused...

To rectify this I am taking a class. Actually I thought about taking the class last night and realized the 10 years thing this morning so really they are kind of unrelated. But taking a class, I am. And not a class that is useful in any way shape or purpose to what I do or what I may or may not want to be when I grow up. I'm taking Physics 100. The most basic, physics for boneheads possible at my school. From Quarks to the Cosmos. Yesterday I was playing some trivia game online (at MSN in case you really care) and there was a question about Kafka's Metamorphosis. I knew the answer, having read Kafka in high school. But I thought about that question and the knowledge and came to a realization that sometimes I feel like people I know think I'm less smart than I am. And that bothers me. And it is all my perception, (actually with one person it isn't my perception he really thinks that and no it isn't Matty) and I know that. So to make myself feel smart, I'm going to take physics. Why physics? Because it kicked my ass in high school. I scraped by with a C- (and I think that was mostly due to a frighteningly smart lab partner). I had a crappy teacher. I also had a crappy chemistry teacher and so chemistry kicked my ass too, but I made up for it in college. I got like a B+ in my chem class and thought about taking more but decided against it because it would've required more higher math. If this works out, I may take more of science or math. (and even a REAL class and not just intro) I used to be interested in them before I got lazy. The only thing I didn't like was bio and that was only because I don't like to dissect things. The only bad thing, undergrad classes are during the day. If I want to take one, I miss work time. This physics class is during lunch 2 days a week so no big deal, but if I want to take a real science class, that's more time missed. I'll have to cross that bridge if I get there. Ok it might be because of my above realization that I think sometimes that other people think I'm not so smart.


Peeved Michelle said...

You did not graduate from college in 1995.

Mishka said...

Biology and Physics rock (this coming from a BS in Biology girl, so I might be a bit biased). We actually dissected more in high school than we ever did in college. I didn't like Chem much but that is mostly my own fault, and probably also because I had to take so much of it to get the minor.

My dad once read a Physics text for the fun of it and because he thought it would impress the girls. He found it interesting and I am sure has found that things in life make more sense than they would otherwise from doing so.

Don't feel too bad, I have already had my 10 year college reunion...poor me.

Putnawa said...

I'm so glad you pointed out that I'm not one of the people who thinks you are less smart than you really are.

I know you're smart, because you cheat so effectively.