Monday, July 18, 2005

Othello Savant

Matty & I went to Starbucks this afternoon to play Othello. He & I play frequently over the net at It's Your Turn. I never beat him. I did tie once. Very early on. So today he was supposed to be helping me with my game and with 'pattern recognition.' Except I kicked his ass. Asking his opinion on a move only twice (I think). I also kicked his ass on Phase 10 so it was a kick Matty's ass day. Of course, since he has decreed that this is our last Monday game playing day it is good to go out with a bang.


Putnawa said...

It's just bizarre. Online Joanne has no game at all. In person she does just fine. I don't get it.

Joanne said...

I actually have 2 theories.

1 - it is a concentration thing. I am focusing on the game the entire game when we play in person but the shift from whatever else I was doing to the game and back and forth are problematic.

2 - You went first this game. I think I do better when someone else goes first. I suspect there's a mathematical reason for that. If I had been the one to go first I would've been jacked on that game. The time I tied, you went first.