Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Of course.

Yesterday I was uncomfortable in my clothes. I wasn't positive the colors matched. And when I really thought about it I thought I looked like a reject from the LPGA, minus the mullet. I liked each of the pieces individually, but together it was not an attractive look. I hadn't seen workcrush all day. I thought I was home free. I walked through his building and stopped to talk to big gay queen and I saw him ahead of me out the door. Phew, I'm safe I thought. Hahaha. I'm so naive. As I was walking up the hill a blue car came out of the parking lot. Workcrush doesn't drive a blue car I'm safe, right? Not so much. It was workcrush's carpool guy. They both waved. Sigh.


Putnawa said...

You still talk to that jackass?

I'm disappointed.

(I mean fat bitter queen, not workcrush. I know you know that, but I wanted to be clear for everyone's sake.)

Mind Sprite said...

It must have been something in the air yesterday. The shirt that I paired with my new skirt looked fine at home and as soon as I hit the light of day, it totally didn't match. I doubt workcrush really noticed, you know.