Sunday, July 10, 2005

Just another weekend

In the summer of Joanne. I spent almost all day yesterday lying around in pajamas. I think at 2:00 I finally got dressed. Apparently that's the cornerstone of the Summer of Joanne. Lounging around in jammies as that's what I did all weekend last weekend. :) I did at least finish reading Harry Potter 4 and got about 50% through one of my Gameboy games.

Today, however, was a day of vague accomplishments. Laundry isn't really an accomplishment but it did get done. I went with coworker and a couple of other friends to Honeycourt down in the International District for Dim Sum. I just had regular Chinese food, being unable to eat most of the Dim Sum offerings because most of them are in won ton wrappers. Came home and did dishes and made one of my favorite dishes, sherried chicken and rice. I think I'm going to bake brownies too. Mmmm brownies.

I need to come up with an activity for next weekend. I don't want to spend it lounging around my entire apartment. According to my horoscope for the week, I could be meeting Mr. Right any day now.

If you're still out shopping for your soul mate, you can relax. Over the
next few days, you'll have several opportunities to meet the person you've been
waiting for -- and you won't have to look very far to find them. This is your
official astrological notification. Dress nicely, no matter where you're off to,
even the grocery store or the carwash. Your only mandatory assignment is to pay
attention to anyone interesting, because you never know ....


Putnawa said...

"Dress nicely, no matter where you're off to,.."

Sounds like advice I would give. Will you listen now that the stars have told you what I always knew to be good advice?

Joanne said...

Ahh, Matty, but you and I have a differing view of what dress nicely means. To you for some unfathomable reason it means shirts with collars.

Putnawa said...

I'll accept anything that doesn't look like a potato sack.