Monday, July 11, 2005

I need a plan

This Summer of Joanne thing isn't working out the way I want it to. I need a plan. A plan to spend my summer doing something that isn't volunteering or lounging around in my pajamas. Not that lounging around in my pajamas is a bad thing, but I seriously don't want to spend the few precious months of sunshine and warm weather doing that. I think the moratorium on walking is part of the problem. If I can't take one of my interminable walks around some park, what can I do? Especially things that are low cost so that I can do a couple of things that will cost me money. A list of potential ideas:
  • Go to Portland for a weekend (costs me cash. I'm hoping flexcar offers up a special like they did last year, but so far haven't seen anything about it.)
  • Camp (I wanted to do this last year too. Also costs since I don't own a car anymore I would have to rent one or find people who own one to go with me. I wonder if I could borrow the propane stove from the Girl Scouts again...)
  • SAM - I've not been yet.
  • Alki Beach. (I think people can swim there? Right? Ok reading the park description maybe I don't want to swim there, but wading would be not terrible. I did it in Ketchikan, AK.)
  • Perhaps the conservatory at Volunteer Park
  • After volunteering for them at Folklife, I think I want to go to the Center for Wooden Boats. Ooh according to their site I could rent a row boat! How fun! (Seriously, I obviously have deranged ideas about fun)
  • Oooh, I forgot. At the zoo there is a new exhibit about the exotic birds of Australia AND the butterfly & blooms exhibit is open and I love that exhibit.
  • This Bradner Gardens also looks pretty. I may have to check this out.
  • Fellow Seattleites any other suggestions? Someplace interesting or cool.


Peeved Michelle said...

Planning! I love plans.

You should get a Vespa since you can't walk everywhere.

Also, the husband isn't gone for the month of August, so I can totally come whenever.

Sandy said...

Car ownership shouldn't stand in the way of camping. You can always rent one if you need to!

Stephen said...

There's a lovely little museum in Pioneer Square - free - and they give you a tour of Pioneer Square and the gold rush days. I blogged about it on Benni's blog.

Also - take the ferry to any island in the sound. Bicycle or foot is probably do-able if you are used to walking.

TK said...

If you want to go camping, you might be able to do a ferry/bus combo and camp on one of the islands.

For swimming, there's also Greenlake. I don't know if it'd be more or less polluted than Alki, but the Greenlake boys are usually pretty cute, and the buses don't run too infrequently.

You could see if there's a way to infiltrate a yachting club. Then you could make friends who own boats (hanging out by boat docks might also have this effect, but seems shadier).

Putnawa said...

Whenever I hang out by boat docks I get groped by longshoremen. I can't complain, because it's in their union contract.