Friday, July 22, 2005

Honestly Officer - it was all Michelle's fault

I had this dream this morning, that I can't remember most of (Note to self find notebook that used to live right by bed and put it back in its proper place), however there is one section that is fairly clear. Michelle and I got arrested. Because she was buying porn. From a woman in a trench coat. We were arrested because she was buying it 'back alley' because it was before the porn release date. I really wish I could remember the rest of the details from that dream because just those few pieces are kind of weird. I'm 100% certain it didn't go into one of THOSE type of dreams, but seriously what Michelle & I would be doing buying porn from a black marketer I can't imagine.

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P'nut said...

Heh. Maybe PM was going to write about it on CSP. Or maybe it was all your idea and you conveniently forget to remember that part of the dream. Or maybe you both starred in the movie, realized the error of your ways, and were running around trying to buy all the copies back before they legitimately hit the street. Too many scenarios to imagine!