Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A question for the Oregonians

Or for those experienced in camping in Oregon. Several of us are going camping on the Oregon coast for the weekend of August 26th. Here are my 2 questions:

What do you know (or which would you recommend) of these camp grounds that have space on that weekend? Cape Perpetua, Beachside, Tahkenitch Campground, Tahkenitch Landing, Tyee Campground, Sunset Bay or Bullards Beach. We're leaning towards Beachside because it seems to be closer to us, but we don't know anything about these places and want to go somewhere cool.

Second part: Anything happening in the great state of Oregon on that weekend that you know of that we should be aware of? Big biker rally or anything like that?

Thank you!


Mishka said...

My sister HomeChicken camps on the Oregon Coast all the time but is out of the loop for a few days. She or Mind Sprite might know...good luck.

Joanne said...

I figured I had 1 maybe 2 Oregon readers who would know better than I about this stuff. :)

Mind Sprite said...

Sorry, Joanne, I haven't been to any of the campgrounds you mentioned. I have been to the beaches around Walport and they are really nice......wide and flat. I don't know of anything in particular going on and I didn't find anything in a quick net search.