Saturday, July 23, 2005

Where did all the money go?

You ever have that experience where your card (in this case debit) is declined and you have no other card with you because you thought there was actually money in the checking account and isn't this a fine how do you do because apparently there isn't actually money in the checking account? Or is it just me? :) Luckily coworker was with me and so now I owe coworker $33.00 on Monday (part bar tab part IHOP where we went after drinking because coworker had an hour to kill before the bus showed up). Other account has money, but when I was leaving the house to go out for inappropriate drinking with gay college student and coworker I thought, I don't need that card, this one has money. Apparently I was wrong. As to the inevitable question about inappropriate drinking with college student, fraternization between employees of university and college kids is more than 'frowned upon.' Especially when the employees of said university work in the Human Resources office. And when college student's father is the associate dean of one of the colleges. But whatever. Associate dean knows college student and coworker are friends, but I'm not 100% certain he knows a) that the extent of their friendship includes taking college student to gay bars because we aren't 100% certain that b) ad knows college student is gay. CS has never vocalized this to his pop, but it is kind of obvious.

Back to tales of drunken debauchery. Coworker and I got there about 8:30 and got a drink from Jeffy (gay, pothead, bartending husband). She nursed that 1 drink the entire evening. I did not and had several more courtesy of Eric, other bartender. College student had about 2.5 drinks (if that) but apparently that sent him over the edge. Goodness I used to be such a lightweight. We played darts for awhile then headed up stairs to dance. We danced maybe an hour before college student wanted to leave. He was adamant that coworker and I stay and have fun. Coworker was ready to go right then, so I told her to wait a min or 2 and let college student leave so that way he thinks we were staying to have fun and we didn't leave on his account, when the reality was we were only initially staying on his account. We then went to IHOP. Their bacon is not as good as university's bacon. I told coworker I'd walk with her to her bus stop and wait with her for her bus because it isn't safe for a girl to just hang out at a bus stop at that hour of the night. On our way we stopped by the lesbian bar to see Matty who was working. Apparently he could tell right away I was tipsy. Who knew I could be even more perky?! :) He was off shift so he joined us because he is a gentleman. We waited about 20 min for her bus then he walked me home too. Again, because he is a gentleman. We stood outside and chatted for a few more minutes and now I'm a little block of icy coldness because I was just wearing a tank top and capri pants. But I wasn't feeling the cold outside, it was when I got into my apartment I started feeling it.

I really like Gorillaz and their video Feel Good.
Jamster is evil and should be stopped.
That is all for today kids. Good night Seattle and have a happy tomorrow!


Putnawa said...

You so posted while you were drunk. :P

Joanne said...

What gave it away?

Peeved Michelle said...

So, where did all the money go?

Joanne said...

Apparently to the grocery store various times this past week. Who knew?

Apparently I also was more tipsy than I thought I was, given the slight hangover I'm nursing this morning.

Putnawa said...

lol. Told you you were drunk!!