Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Christ I'm tired

How did I live in Alaska all those years? Seriously. The sun is screwing with my regular timeline for things. I eat dinner at 9 because it just doesn't feel like it is time to eat. I then can't sleep until midnight. Then the damn birds and sun are waking me up at quarter to 5. As a result, I'm a walking zombie today.

I FINALLY heard from the guy about the paint out. But not even when it is. All he asked was how things were coming. So I emailed him back with, what is the date? He never did confirm that with me. I really want to back out. I'll feel a lot of guilt if I do, though, because it's a commitment I made and I have this warped sense of commitment to all the wrong things. A job that is toxic, yeah I'll stick it out. A volunteer gig I don't want to do, I'm there. Relationships that cause me nightmares, I'm all aboard. A healthy relationship with a guy, I wouldn't know that if it bit me in the ass. (Ok I might be a tiny bit cranky because of my tiredness)

MP & I went to play cards last night. We met at Bauhaus and played Phase 10 and Uno. There was this guy who came in who was not hot, but kind of weirdly cute in that nerdy kid from A Christmas Story way. But his behavior was very weird. We weren't sure which team he was batting for. He kept standing just inside the doorway drinking his hot beverage and carrying this odd looking briefcase. Periodically he would go back over and talk with the baristas then back to the entry. At one point he started chatting up this cute girl, which answered our question. Although Matt did offer to hold my hand as a means of self preservation if he came over to us. (Self preservation for both actually as it was entirely possible that he batted for both teams) Then he took a phone call. And started shouting into the phone. He went from just a little socially retarded to kind of seriously crazy. He spent about 15 minutes (minimum) yelling obscenities into the phone. Something about a computer and screwing him. Ian (gay barista I used to see in RPlace doing karaoke) asked him to take the call outside, much to everyone's relief. Except with the double doors wide open and the guy just going out to the sidewalk, it didn't really help that much. We all could still hear him fairly clearly. He'd hang up the phone. Then come back inside. Then flip open the phone again and call the guy he was yelling at and yell some more. This went on multiple times. Finally, blissfully, he left. We finished up our games because Bauhaus doesn't have great evening lighting. It is more mood lighting and it was getting hard to tell the greens from the blues on the UNO cards. Matt beat me at Phase 10 for the first time. I think I beat him at UNO. (although he may hotly deny that) We each needed a few things from the groceria and headed there. I think I'm a bad influence on MP since I was buying chips and so we were in the cookie aisle, he ended up buying cookies and was seriously tempted to buy some chocolate. And we headed our respective ways home. I had to replace the light bulb in the only light in my living room. I used to buy the 100/200/250 light bulbs (I think) but apparently the last time I bought them I couldn't remember so the max light I had was 150. These new light bulbs light up the livingroom like it is noon, in Hawai'i.


Peeved Michelle said...

Eat dinner when you get home from work! Use a sleep mask!

Kate the Peon said...

I've been eating dinner at 9, too. Though that's only because if I ate when I got home, I would nosh for the rest of the night.