Monday, July 11, 2005

Guilty Pleasure

I have a couple of guilty pleasures that I feel I shouldn't love but I do... (Don't we all?) I'm sure there are more, but here's a few:

1 - Legally Blonde. This movie rules. The 2nd blows. I've watched it twice already this weekend. How wrong is that? I also love the movie Blast from the Past. Both are the typical fish out of water type movies but they just make me giggle.

2 - Kelly Clarkson. I don't want to like her. I loathe American Idol. I can't bear to admit I like something that has come out of that show. It's awful. It's horrible. Yet she is strangely catchy. I feel some shame that I like her. :)

3 - The Disney Store. Since I live up here now, I can't go to Disneyland as much as I want to, so I go into the Disney Store for a brief pick-me-up. I don't usually buy anything, I just like to walk around all that Disney stuff.


Kate the Peon said...

I like Kelly Clarkson too, even with her new 'blonde-hair-low-rise-jeans-belly-shirts' image.

Stephen said...

1) I've never seen Legally Blonde. Although I think I saw 5 minutes of the sequel for the second half of a double-feature at a drive-in -left after 5 mins :P
I like Blast from the Past though - mostly because of the young gent from News Radio and Kids on the Block!

2) Never heard of her. However, I've danced something precious to her remixes at Neighbours ;) So she is passable in my book :P