Sunday, July 24, 2005

Cooling theory

I'm freezing my ass off in my apartment right now. I have every fan running. Because I have a theory. (I have a lot of theories, only a few ever pan out.) My theory is this, if I let the apartment get really cold in the evening and the morning, it won't get as hot inside in the afternoon. Makes sense, right?

Edit: My theory seems to be wrong as I just got home and it is sweltering in here.


Kate the Peon said...

Your theory may have merit but be hard to prove b/c when you come home from the outside, it takes your body time to adjust.

Mind Sprite said...

I do the same windows and fans blasting all night, then shut the place up when I leave for work. It's still hot but cooler than it would be. Ever notice that the more hot days in a row, the warmer your house is? I think it soaks up the heat on successive days, so I think your theory should work fine in getting some of that stored heat out.