Monday, July 11, 2005

So political

While I was walking back from lunch with coworkers and student friend we were accosted by the Seattle Channel who was on campus filming people asking questions for the mayor. I had just asked Thanksgiving (I went to Thanksgiving at her house) coworker earlier what the difference between the monorail and light rail is, and why do we need both. She didn't know. So when TV crew said we could ask the mayor anything blah blah blah, Thanksgiving coworker pointed out that I could ask the mayor that question. This was after coworker and student tried to get me to ask why there are no straight men in seattle. I refrained from asking that question. But I did ask my transit question. Now I will be on TV at some point in the future. Only on the Seattle Channel during the Q & A with the mayor that gets run... well I don't know how often it gets run. And please don't think I'm against either the monorail or the light rail. I'm a big fan of public transportation. Especially public transportation that isn't the bus. I don't like being stuck in I5 traffic if I want to go to Northgate or something like that. I just don't get why there are these 2 different factions that seem to want the same thing but aren't willing to work together to make a public transport system that works.

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TK said...

I can't tell you how many times I've both asked and been asked that question lately. Are you going to get to hear back about how the mayor responds to your question?