Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Happy Wednesday!

I've never liked the phrase 'hump day.' I think it seriously comes from the fact that as a child my friends and I loved to use the word hump for sex. Hence, I can't call Wednesday hump day. Also, my friends and I loved the word jugs for boobs when I was young. We would say it then just laugh our asses off on the playground. I have no idea where we first heard it but it was hysterical. We'd be talking about our jugs and we were like 8. There were no jugs happening. There would not be jugs for many many years, but damn we thought we were funny.

I've been eating toasty peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast this week. I got a loaf of sourdough from my gluten free restaurant on Sunday when I went for lunch. I love it when the peanut butter gets all melty because it is warm from the toast. The bread isn't half bad either. But it does take forever and eventually the broiler to toast. Mmm peanutbuttery goodness!

There was this beautiful old church on Capitol Hill, right on Broadway, that they've recently torn down. I was initially upset because it is so cool looking, how can they tear down such a beautiful thing? Then I discovered it was structurally unsound due to that earthquake that happened here a few (several? less than many) years ago. So okay, it had to be torn down. Do you know what they're replacing it with??!! Can you imagine? Nothing interesting I'm afraid. They're paving it and giving Capitol Hill a new parking lot. Now, since I don't drive I don't know what parking on the hill is like. One of my friends claims that there needs to be more parking on the hill. Seems to me like there needs to be more FREE parking on the hill, but we all know that'll never happen. I've never seen the big pay lots full (Perhaps maybe pride weekend but I didn't look after being disgusted by the parking lots charging 20 bucks to park.). So this will be yet another pay parking lot and not that big. If the hill is that desperate for more parking, why isn't it becoming a parking garage instead of just 15 or 20 new spaces? Sigh. It just grosses me out to see cool buildings torn down for parking lots.

I seem to have won my battle with Amazon. They're giving me my money back becuase I had a guarantee I would get the book on the 16th and I didn't. And sending yet another new book because the original sent has yet to arrive. At some point I could end up with 3 of them. I am undecided as to what to do with the one from Amazon once it does arrive. I could send it back, but I've already got my money back from them because of the guarantee. So then I'm thinking, I wonder if I could take it back to QFC and get my money back from them. I've only once ever taken anything back to a grocery store. (And that was only because I noticed as I was dealing with my lunch at the bookstore nearby that the shredded cheese I had JUST purchased was moldy. Had it been days later I wouldn't have done it.) Or I could pass it on to someone else. I didn't pay for it, so I could release it via bookcrossing or loan it to Matty who hasn't gotten his yet. :) I think that's the best answer to me.


Peeved Michelle said...

Sell it on Thees ees vhat I vould do.

Putnawa said...

Hell, I'll buy it off of you. I'm never getting my copy due to that stupid credit card expiration hooha.

allison said...

Me! Me! jumping up and down in the back of the room.

Seconds away from clicking "Place Order" on Amazon, I deferred due to the many stories I have heard about people's lost books.

Mishka said...

I have never had anything completely lost by Amazon but I have had issues with their shipping (mostly when I lived in Japan).

You should gift the books...

By the way...they don't need more parking lots, they need more public transit so people don't have to drive as much. When Portland decided to push transit and reduce traffic into the city, they hiked the prices up at parking too. Maybe that it what Seattle is doing.