Sunday, July 03, 2005

Shop til I dropped!

Today I went for lunch at my favorite restaurant, Kaili's Kitchen in Edmonds. On the way home I hit Petco (or Petsmart they're basically the same) and Target. The babies now have more treats of a variety they seem to like. I also got a big bag of potting soil to put in Minka & Bax's old dig box. They never dug in it and since Tess & Rigby seem to love to dig in my plants, I'm hoping a box full of potting soil will make them ease off my dear plants. Ok I set Tess in and she dug around which makes me happy for her. I hope Rig likes it too.

Can someone explain to me why women's short sleeved shirts are either 3/4ths length sleeves or none at all. How is it we don't get normal short sleeved shirts? Another sign I'm secretly a lesbian and don't know it, I ended up buying my shirts from the men's section. I wanted normal short sleeved shirts, apparently boys get them.

As I was driving home I was listening to this song on the radio. It was hysterical. It used the lyrics "the roof is on fire..." so when it came to the part about motherfucker burn, they of course edited it. Except they didn't edit it so well. You heard mother fu (then a weird little editing noise) ker. You could tell exactly what the words are. hee.

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P'nut said...

Aieeee! I detest 3/4 length sleeves! And I NEVER go sleeveless! Apparently I'm from the wrong side of the tracks because I don't ride that fashion train at all. Ever. Wouldn't if they paid me.

Well, ok. Maybe if they paid me.