Friday, January 28, 2005

All may be redeemed

Biggest boss came up and had a little chat with me about the job and the status of the job and all of that and how I was feeling because he knew I was upset. I was and I cried (again Dammit!) and I told him that if he had no intention of hiring me for the job, he shouldn't have encouraged me and that I felt played. He asked where that idea came from, and I told him that once the other 3 candidates turned out to not pan out, and now he was bringing in more and the job was reposted what was I supposed to think. He said that wasn't his intention and that he had been thinking of changing the position a bit to include employee relations. If that change happens, I wouldn't want it anyway. So we talked it all out and I feel better about both my boss & my job. He told me the concerns he had with me and the position. One was appearance and presentation, which he has noticed an improvement in. Michelle pointed out if this was an issue it should've been brought up before, but I think it is more that it is an issue if I were the boss and not the little admin that I am. Dress for the job I WANT not the job I have. The other was a concern little boss had about accountability blah blah blah. He apologized for making me feel that he was insincere and that I had been played. That (and this happens a lot actually because our benefit's office is separate from the general HR office) he had thought I knew about the change he's thinking of for the position. So once we talked it all out, I am feeling a lot better about my boss and my current job and my potential for the new job. He said that he genuinely liked me and appreciated me and it troubled him that he had upset me the way he had. And I believe him, my first impression of him was that he is a good guy and a good boss - usually I'm not THAT far off. We talked about some of the duties of the new job and now I have more to think about. He didn't offer me the job, but we did talk about what the next step if these other 2 don't work out. One option he said would be to bring in the 2nd candidate for the 3 days a week and she would really train me up. On the one hand this aspect does appeal to me because if it worked out the way it should, I would really learn the things I don't know and need to know. And it would be nice to actually LEARN it from somone who knows and not have to figure it out for myself. If it actually worked out that way. One of the things little boss had told me was that I would be able to learn from her, but since I knew more than she did on many things and she never invited me to the meetings I would need to attend to learn the other stuff, it didn't really happen. Stay tuned for news at 11 about how it really turns out. But at this point I'm not in an all fired hurry to leave - although I did send my resume to my friend. :)


Kate the Peon said...

And happiness once again settles across the land...

Glad you're back to feeling good about your boss. Feeling duped is a sucky feeling.

My first job after college (HR), at my review my boss talked to me about the whole appearance thing. I really wanted to ask how I could dress nicer when I was making net of $18k, but I bit my tongue.

Peeved Michelle said...

I hope it all works out.

If I got a talking to about appearance, which would totally be deserved, I would probably quit. I think I am looking for any excuse these days to quit.