Monday, January 24, 2005


I have the most atrocious handwriting. I'm trying to write out this application for Barnes & Noble* and I had to print it out twice because the first time I wrote the info it was too unintelligible. If they were super rich and hired a graphologist they'd probably think I am a pathological, homicidal maniac. It is almost painful it is so bad. I feel like I should go back to kindergarten and do those sheets again where they teach you to write correctly. I blame it on the left handedness. Although my 4th grade teacher was left handed and she had good handwriting and as a result, the only D I ever got in elementary school was from her for handwriting. Who gives regular letter grades for handwriting?

*Because since I'm obviously unqualified to be my boss and I need more money I will take what I can get, unless it means a 1 hr 45 min bus commute to Mountlake Terrace every day.

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Stephen said...

I had the exact same experience.
I had straight As and then I got C'd on my handwriting - specifically cursive for r's (that damned crook!).
Years later when I finally stopped getting handwriting grades, I started getting dinged in PE for not being able to do enough pull-ups!


Now I've changed all of my cards to say "See Photo Id" instead of my signature. Too many people complained about my signature being illegible and demanded photo id ;)