Monday, January 10, 2005

It is too early to be this drunk

Matty P and I went out to play darts and drink heavily. Jeffy, my gay bartending pothead fiance tends to pour a little heavily. That would be why I lurve him. Now I'm eating corn chips and drinking lemonade. Lemonade without rum, although I discovered yesterday that lemonaid with cherry cabanaboy rum is pretty damn good. Mmm. I love rum, rummy yummy rum. Anyhow, Matty P actually said 4 nice things to me. I was kind of shocked. I wish I could remember what they were because it is pretty unusual. He was very drunk too that could be why. He is turning out to be a fun person to hang out with (even when he isn't drunk). It is good to have more people to hang out with. We ran into V and his date. They seemed to be having fun. I'm hoping that the alcohohl will help me sleep although I know typically it doesn't. I'm ever so sleepy right now. I know when I lie down though my mind will go all wonky and I'll not be able to sleep. And unfortunately there's a delicate balance between happy joanne drunk and sad joanne drunk. I'm feeling on the wrong side of that balance right now so I will refrain from posting anything else because sad drunk joanne is not fun.


Volodiya said...

Were you two checking up on me? I was like...what the hell are they doing here? Anyway, we did have fun and it looked like you and Matty P were having WAYYY too much fun.

Joanne said...

1 - I TOLD Matty P you would think that, but we weren't. Matty P and I have a standard date on Mondays to darts and drink.
2 - We were having WAAY too much fun. :)

Putnawa said...

I remember all four of the nice things I told you. But I can't tell you again, because then people will discover that I'm a girl.

Although I may have my doctor look for ovaries, because something needs to explain this mother-f***ing PMS I'm going through.

And of course we weren't checking up on V on his date. Ridiculous.