Monday, January 03, 2005

Back at work

And already I'm tired. I hit the gym this morning and then had this whole mental - not attack- but maybe mentalness where I started thinking, are we supposed to be back today or tomorrow? I blame this 100% on moral turpitude guy since he mentioned he had today off because of the holiday over the weekend. There were no staff members anywhere in the gym and usually I see like 3 - 4. But I finished my workout and shower and all that and came into the office. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending) we are working to day. :P I will be very glad when all the people who made "Go to the gym" their New Year's Resolutions finally quit so I can have my nice quiet 6AM time back. I'm liking the new heart rate monitor, now I just need to find a reliable chart that tells me what the good range is. I've seen a very wide range of rates and just want one that is accurateish. But when I hit 172 heart rate, I knew that was less good so I slowed down and kept it between 150ish down a bit to 140ish. By the time I was done working out and did the cool down I could see the rate go down to a nice calm level. It was very nice.

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Elisha said...

I know my heart rate is too high when I start feeling sick, but I am really out of shape. I think the trick I used to determine my THZ was multiply my age by 10 and then subtract 20 and that is the highest point. But if you go to this site... might help.