Friday, January 21, 2005

Fruits of labor

So once upon a time I was working on a transcription project. See this post and this post if you are really that interested in my thoughts of the time. Anyway the basic project was that it was a documentary on marriage.* I was transcribing the audio cassette recordings of the interviews. It was fairly interesting, and I really liked working on the project, even though it was kind of difficult. People on TV talk nothing like people in real life. You would not believe how often people use um, uh, hmm, and how often they will change words mid-word or thought. Anyway, the point being (and this is what I wanted to write about a couple of days ago when I forgot what I wanted to write about) the movie now has a website for you dear reader to check out. Eventually when it finally gets screened here, I'll get a chance to see it. Yay! And I believe anyone who volunteered will be listed in the credits. Like anyone waits THAT long towards the end, but I totally will. Here is their site Inlaws & Outlaws. In one final random small town Seattle thing, one of the guys who got me started volunteering at bookfest was the coder on the website for Inlaws & Outlaws.

*Sponsored in part by the LBGT Community center, I didn't know that until today. I can't escape the gays no matter how hard I try. :)

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