Saturday, January 01, 2005

Left Handed

I'm working on the photo upload right now to make my post about alcoholicness and New Year's Eve. But, I thought I'd post a little thing about being left handed. I get asked frequently if I've always been left handed. Strangely enough, the answer to that is no, I haven't always been left handed. But I find it such an odd question. Do right handed people get that, have you always been right handed? This comes up because again last night, I was asked. So then I feel compelled to explain and then it is just weird. I was ambidextrous until the 2nd grade, so I could pick up a pencil with whichever hand was closest and write exactly the same. In the 2nd grade, my teacher made me choose a hand. I don't actually remember this but my parents do because they were a little bitter about it for a while. Finally much later, in one of my ed classes in college I discovered why they forced me to pick a hand. Apparently there is some link between ambidextrousness and learning disabilities. So hypothetically using only one hand prevented them? I don't really know because I was a damn good reader as a child. (I know I know there are other learning disabilities besides dyslexia, but back then that was the biggie).

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