Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Just accept it

This is the message I received from my family my entire life. I was the middle child. Younger sister always got her way? Just accept it. Older sister frequently disappointed me by making promises she couldn't or wouldn't keep? Just accept it. There's a running joke in our family about how when I was little and my sister would cry for a toy I had, my mother would say "Just give it to her, she'll only cry if you don't." This shouldn't have been okay. I was taught in almost everything to just accept whatever happened. Now, as a 30something adult, I don't know how to stand up for myself when it counts. I am incapable of saying 'this isn't right.' I don't send back food when it is wrong in restaurants. I have a terrible time taking back purchases to stores. I've had friends and boyfriends who treated me poorly. My whole current situation with my job is this exact thing. So while I may not get the promotion I want and/or deserve I'll accept the fact. Why? Path of least resistence maybe. I went from a couple of really crappy ass jobs to this one. I know how much worse it really could be. Thus far this job hasn't made me cry. :) Both of my last 2 jobs did. In fact the casino almost turned me into an alcoholic. I do know that I would not be happy working in some ginormous company where I am a teeny tiny piece of the massive machine.

I guess the only answer is to stop obsessing and fretting and just wait and see what happens. I am not good at waiting to see what happens. I read the last page(s) of my books. I check TWOP to find out who won certain shows before I actually see the end (The Apprentice & Real World/Road Rules Challenge).

In answer to Matty P's question about talking too much to the poor cheese guy... I chatted about how I couldn't find the Draino. I knew where the cheese was but they moved the Draino and they really shouldn't move the Draino because then people can't find the Draino. (I think I said Draino like 15 times). But I did tell him where to find the cheese. Poor guy looked a little alarmed. Probably totally regretted asking the drunk girl anything. :)


Cindy-Lou said...

So.......where the hell *is* the cheese?

Peeved Michelle said...

You don't have to just wait and see what happens. The other alternative is to go to your big boss and tell him that you want the job and to give you a shot at it for a couple months before he decides if he still wants to hire someone else. It is NOT an unreasonable request.

Anonymous said...
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Joanne said...

The cheese is down that way in the same aisle as the soda.

Putnawa said...

Michelle's got a point. Go for it!

Maybe you need a life coach to help with some assertiveness training.

Isn't it "Drano"?

The cheese is on Aisle 1, at the end, across from the water. Of course.