Monday, January 24, 2005

What not to ask a drunk girl

When you see her in QFC. Where is the cheese located. She actually knows, but she may share far more than you need to know in her explanation of where the cheese is.

Also, I totally kicked Matty P's ass at darts. He'll claim otherwise, but who is writing this story? :)

My gay pothead bartending fiance and I are adding to the plans for our 'wedding.' We will be married in a church, or maybe a church parking lot.

I do not like 'hipsters.' As I was walking home some guy was nattering to his woman something about waiting for his Lichtenstein and something else that was supposed to be in today. Made my head hurt.

And YAY! The Real World/Road Rules Challenge is finishing tonight! (And now that I've read the forum on TWOP I know the boys win. Big fat hairy surprise!) How is a black tank top and a jump rope formal wear?

Final thought, for the first time in almost a month I'm actually cold. Of course I have the window completely open and I'm wearing shorts & a t-shirt.


Stephen said...

I've never seen The Real World or Road Rules.
I think I know what they are about.

Maybe I shouldn't admit that around here - for fear of shunning.

My fireplace is still smoldering. House is like 90 degrees. I'll open a window and maybe it will drift your way...

Stephen said...

Oh yeah! I almost forgot.

Can you activate the syndication feed for your blog?

Go to Blogger homepage.
Click on "Change Settings" for your blog.
Click on the "Site Feed" tab.
And then "Publish Site Feed" = Yes


Peeved Michelle said...

As your wedding planner, I am going to go on the record and advise against getting married in the parking lot.

Kate the Peon said...

THANK YOU! WTF was up with Eric's formal wear? Although, yeah, like I was surprised the guys one. They won EVERYTHING, and the girls didn't even seem to be trying.

Btw, can Theo BE any hotter??

Kate the Peon said...

Oh, but I do think the $180k should be split among 4 - Theo, Dan, Eric, and Mark.