Sunday, January 16, 2005

Joanne's Music

Today, I bought the new Green Day CD and the Pearl Jam greatest hits CD. I then listened to Green Day while I converted Pearl Jam into MP3s for my player. Then I changed the CD and listened to Linkin Park's first, Hybrid Theory. I enjoyed listening to my music while washing dishes. Baxter did not. Baxter hates my music. She also hates the fact that my CD player is right next to her favorite sleeping spot, her tent. While I was in my kitchen, she kept coming in to see me. She'd stand between my feet and look up at me. I'd pick her up and she would sit on my shoulder for about 30 seconds, then get bored and wiggle to get back down. She'd come back into the living room, crawl back into her tent. Fifteen to twenty min later, she'd be back in the kitchen looking at me. Poor Bax. How she suffers for me. For the record, she also doesn't like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, Disney sound tracks or really anything else I like. She's such a brat. :)


Stephen said...

Hey Sweetie,

So who is Baxter - your pet boa? :)
Jock and Jill's on Greenlake is about as non-intimating as I can imagine. The staff are extremely helpful and friendly - and completely easy-going. They're mostly wearing piercings, t-shirts, and casual wear.

I went at a busy time - Saturday afternoon, but I'm sure they'd be relatively relaxed on a weekday afternoon.

btw - coincidence that I was just reading your blog the other day :)

Neighbors/R-Place says hi tonight :P

Joanne said...

Bax is a ferret. Free roam, wanders about the house wherever she wants to go.

Cindy-Lou said...

I love American Idiot with a passion. Really, I'm quite passionate about that CD. Isn't it funny we both bought Greenday on the same weekend? And isn't it also funny that I never knew you had your own blog? (bookmarked in shame)