Sunday, January 30, 2005

He shoots! He Scores!

I went to another hockey game tonight. Coworker, her friend and I all met up on the monorail and then went over to the game. It was a very exciting game. Everett kept pulling their goalie so they could have six men on the ice. Ultimately the T-Birds won 3 - 2. There wasn't as much fighting as there usually is, though so that was a bit of a downer. However, I'm sitting next to these 2 boys who are totally my type* and the one is chatting me up. He is very cute and we were having a grand ol' time. At one point he even touched my knee to have me move out of the way of the people coming back into our row. The problem... You know there'll be one... And for a change it isn't because he is gay. It is worse. Gold band, left hand. Dammit! His buddy was cute too, and no ring that I saw... I kept hoping they'd change seats but they didn't. I wonder if they are season ticket holders...Better bust out my night vision goggles. :)

*My type tends to run to bigger beefier guys. I'm not a little person so I don't want to feel all Jack Sprat & his wifey. Although somehow I tend to date skinny little geeks. How does that happen??

For KTP - I did a google search and try here for a place that will ship to IL.


Peeved Michelle said...


Kate the Peon said...

Joanne, you're a gem! Now I have to decide how rich I am!

Stephen said...

Honest is soooooooooooooooo important.

And I think I found an "average", but very honest, guy for ya -

Joanne said...

Stephen... Stephen... Stephen... The only people who claim size doesn't matter are either tiny themselves or doing someone tiny. How do you not know this?

Stephen said...

Size doesn't matter.

Length, width, girth, and weight matter.

btw - how do you know he wasn't gay and just moved from Massachusetts with his husband?

Joanne said...

My gaydar is pretty good. Plus he checked out my tits. :)

Aren't girth, length, weight all descriptors of size?

Putnawa said...

If you find a nice, married man, I know a great divorce attorney. It'll take a while to work off the karma on that one, but you volunteer everywhere and I'm nice to homeless people, so we should work it off.