Monday, January 24, 2005

Other job

My friend from here originally but who now has a new job emailed me the description of the job she is trying to poach me for. It is almost exactly what I do right now, for more money but with the addition of more working with leaves of absence and no retirement plan work. So add the one thing I hate the most in my job and take away a piece I actually like. And add a 1hr 40 min commute via bus or who knows how long via car since I come from downtown and I would be fighting northbound Microsoft traffic. It would be more money. Potential for growth is there because it is a big company and so there is more movability than when it is 2 people in the office. But I don't want to leave here just because I'm bitter over not getting my boss's job. AND if I left here, I'd lose my brownie meeting place. Hmmm... what to do what to do?

Thank you dear readers for kind words (and in Stephen's case the e-card). I really appreciate it and will be back to my normal easily distracted self fairly shortly.


Peeved Michelle said...

You should go interview anyway. It is always good to get the practice and you never know what might happen. However, with a commute like that, I totally don't recommend it.

Stephen said...

Commuting sucks!@!

I drive 25-30 minutes each way from east of Mountlake Terrace to the eastside.

I love my job [and my new car!!!], so I don't mind as much. But ideally I'd work and live in or near downtown.

Just imagine that you could go jogging or sleep in an extra hour every day instead.

Kate the Peon said...

Okay, I was all set to tell you NOT to even CONSIDER the job, but Michelle's advice was good and I second it (damn you!). Just make sure that your friend knows you're not serious, or may not be serious.