Sunday, January 30, 2005


Another chapter in the continuing saga of Joanne field tripping around town found me wandering over to Volunteer Park. I've never been there and took the bus. I felt kind of dumb when I walked home realizing it wasn't as far as I thought. I did 9482 steps to Vounteer Park & home which is 2.38 miles. In addition to my 2800 this morning to & from QFC that's 12282 steps today. I'll explain the step counting thing in some other post. On to the pics...

In the park were all these cool under tree areas surrounded by bushes. If I were 8 years old again I would love to play in these areas so much. They would be amazing forts, or where fairies would hide. I know Peeved Michelle, my wedding coordinator, would disapprove, but I could envision a very cool tiny wedding under these trees. (Ok I know I'm not even dating someone but a gal can dream right?)

I was fascinated by this building. Apparently it is a water tower. I wanted to go up inside of it and there is a stairway to do so, but it was closed.

The stairway to go up in the water tower to the observation deck. I stuck my hand in this gated doorway to take this. Doesn't it look spooky cool?

These trees looked like they were just waiting for asses to sit on them. Don't they look comfy? I actually sat on one and it made me feel 9 years old again.

Look! A squirrel. The blue graffitti saddens me though.

A house on Capitol Hill. Peeved Michelle wanted me to go to Queen Anne to take pics of houses. There are tons of cute houses on Capitol Hill. If only I were independently wealthy.

These salmon are etched in the sidewalk in front of an apartment building on the hill. There's a whole run of them doing various leaps like that.

This is my favorite tree. I walk past it frequently on my way to & from the grocery store and the bar. It is in front of this old folks home. I just really like its shape.


Cindy-Lou said...

I like that tree too. My favorite trees are up near Ikea in Emeryville, there are two trees growing in the center divider on 880. It's just a cool touch.

Stephen said...

The Tudor and Victorian houses are truly spectacular on both hills.

There's also some lovely brick houses down near the Montlake cut - east base of Capitol Hill.

btw - you picked a dandy time to visit Volunteer Park, it's much bird poopier during the summer months ;)

Kate the Peon said...

I wanna be a 9yr fairy.

Putnawa said...

Fairies older than nine use those under-tree areas for activities less attractive than weddings, my friend. And I bet that one tree trunk has seen plenty of asses. :P

Peeved Michelle said...

I, the wedding coordinator, hereby approve of a wedding in the park. However, if what Matty P says is true, NOT under those specific trees. Or, only under those trees after sending the grounds crew in to clean.

Sandy said...

Heh, Matty P beat me to it...I used to live in that neighborhood and when you said that you wanted to be a 8yr old playing under those trees,and that they were where fairies would hide I had to laugh...

Cuz, um, fairies do hide in those bushes. After dark.

Great pics by the way. Very perty.