Sunday, January 02, 2005

Movies movies movies!

You know that one movie that no matter how often you watch it, it will make you cry... My Girl is that movie for me. I found it up on the fancy cable channels and watched the end of it this morning. Even before anything really starts happening I start tearing up - it was at the part where Thomas J (a very very young McCauley Culkin) is out in the forest looking for the mood ring just before he got stung by the bees. And then I bawl through the entire rest of the movie, which is okay because that's part of the fun right? :) I also watched 50 First Dates last night. I really liked it but got a little teary toward the end. It was just so sweet. To counteract the schmaltzy romancy stuff, I then watched Charlie's Angels 2. It is a good combo - 1st romance and schmaltz and then blowing things up! :) Now I'm watching Pirates of the Carribean (which I got for Christmas in a rare bit of my mother actually buying something on my Christmas list). Did I mention I also watched Spanglish earlier this week? I really liked it. I think I like Adam Sandler more than I thought I did.

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